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Sauna park

Finnish sauna

By using the traditional Finnish sauna, hot air warms up our bodies. The air first warms our skin and then gradually becomes the heat deeper in our bodies. It is characterized by high temperatures; 80oC and low humidity; 10%. Some health-preserving effects of saunas, such as stress relief, strengthening the immune system, promoting good metabolism, and maintaining skin tension are already scientifically proven. The regular use of the sauna opens up new perspectives for life's life and quality of life.

Infrared sauna

The secret of the infrared sauna lies in not heating air, but infrared radiation penetrates under the skin and warms it from the inside. At 30-45°C, 20 minutes is recommended. The advantage is that cardiac patients and high blood pressure can use it! When using the infrared cabinet, the body's calorie loss promotes fat loss and body detoxification. Among the many beneficial effects, the most basic of sweating is the cleansing and tightening of the skin, as well as updating and circulating the body's circulatory system.

Steam cabin

The steam cabin provides the mood and air of Turkish baths, helping to relieve stress, muscle relaxation, regeneration, and ideal blood flow to the body. Thanks to the beneficial effects of the steam bath on our health, it relieves the symptoms of respiratory diseases, makes our skin velvety and moisturized, prevents the formation of cellulite and enhances the detoxification.

Salt cave

Just like the steam cabin, it is beneficial for allergic and asthmatic illness, the use of salt chamber. Here, you can spend 30-60 minutes at a pleasant 20°C, while relaxing. In the wellness world, the salt chamber is a very important, simple and useful tool for preventing respiratory problems and relieving symptoms.

Tub shower

The tub showers are very popular among traditional Finnish sauna users. After sauna, it is an ideal way to intensify skin cooling downwards. When we use it, we pour the tub filled with cold water into ourselves. If the rope fastened to the bead is pulled, the steady state of the outbreak and the significant amount of cold water (about 30 liters) it contains spills on us simultaneously. After discharge, the tub is automatically recharged.

Ice machine

The body cooler ice machine is used for cooling after sauna or steam cabin. After cleansing, the body can be lightly scattered with ice, which can be accompanied by a cooling effect accompanied by a tingling sensation. After each warm-up / cooling phase, a rest period of at least 15 minutes should be maintained before starting another treatment.

Scottish shower

The Scottish Shower is a revitalizing, extremely intense treatment that acts first and foremost on the skin and then through the whole body. In a standing position, a high pressure water jet is directed to the body. First, the temperature of the water is 38-40°C for half a minute followed by a water jet of 16 to 18°C for 5 to 10 seconds. The cold stimulus causes the skin and vascular contraction and the hot stimulation to widen them, this stimulates the skin's pores.


Walking in the Kneipp tread basin, alternating between cold and hot water improves metabolism, slags leave faster, strengthen our immune system and walk refreshingly. The use of the pool improves the circulation of the leg, strengthens the support muscles, and also functions as a foot massage because the tiled surface in the pool lightly massage the reflex zones of the base.


Adult’s pool

  • Temperature: 29oC

Children’s pool

  • Temperature: 32oC


  • Temperature: 36oC


Our fitness room waiting for our guests on the first floors of our wellness area with the following equipments:

  • Elliptical trainer
  • Exercise Bike
  • Fitball
  • Kettlebell
  • Training Equipment
  • Barbell weight bench
  • Dumbbells
  • Ping-pong table