Our hotel is located in one of the most beautiful spots of Veszprém, on the banks of the Séd creek, in the Betekints valley. The thousand-year-old historical monuments and the silhouette of the Valley Bridge make the milieu of the extremely calm environment.


The Séd valley, which offers numerous leisure activities, is a true gem of Veszprém. Go for a walk, go for a walk on a comfortable bench or enjoy a coffee at one of the restaurants.

Hungarian Folk Tales Playgrounds and Urban Rock Playground are waiting for the children. More and more people can indulge in their new passion for Nordic Walking - walking excursions.

The valley lures many to rock climbing while others prefer to bicycle or roller skates. In the embrace of leafy trees and promenades there are monuments of Árpád-era, the Margit-ruins, the ruins of the Vác valley village and the Jesuit church.

Veszprémvölgy térkép