8200 Veszprém, Veszprémivölgyi u. 4.
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History of the hotel

The history of the hotel goes back a long way. The original building was erected in 1794 and it had always served hospitality functions. It used to be a nationally known and popular inn for both local citizens and visitors to the city.

The restaurant, situated in a beautiful and romantic environment amongst tall chestnut trees, has always been one of the most popular ones in Veszprém. The garden terrace used to house live music and dance entertainment from spring to autumn.

Centuries later the current owner has invested in the expansion and refurbishment of the building, after which the Betekints Hotel and Restaurant opened their doors in 1997.

Today’s Betekints Guesthouse use to serve as a water mill so its history goes back thousands of years. The turmoil of the building started in the time of Queen Gizella when she donated it to the Abbey of Bakonybél. The building changed hands several times in its history, sometimes it belonged to the church, sometimes to the state, and there were times when it was in private hands, owned by various miller families.

Since its origins the guesthouse has also been redesigned and expanded until it reached its current form in 2001, although the original shape of the mill can still be detected. The oldest remaining part of the walls can be seen on the southern side. 

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